Neanderthal genome ?

I was watching a television documentary where the DNA of Neanderthal man's remains are being studied for various reasons-one being to try to establish whether they interbred with or not. To support the possibility they used the analogy of two "separate species" of baboon that readily mate with each other producing healthy, fertile offspring. I am not a geneticist, however I have done Genetics 101(or a similar generic number) during my Biology degree and to state that these baboons are from different species makes no sense to me. If these animals are 'readily' mating and producing healthy offspring with blending expression of characteristics I would have thought they are probably varieties of the same species isolated from each other for a long period of time. To have blending characteristics it means they each have representative alleles for the character in question. If they were of different species they would have single alleles represented from one species or the other in some cases which would give distinct character expression in the phenotype (I stand correcting if necessary on this point). Anyway, to go back to the Neanderthal point. The same thing may have happened with Neanderthal ie Neanderthal are not really separate species but geographically isolated representatives of the same species. If this is the case it could shed some light on the apparent duplicity of the expression of human consciousness. Natural selection may have favored what we may consider evil or bad behavior (assuming behavior is part of the expression of our evolved consciousness)in one variety and a more altruistic behavior in another so if the genomes/phenotypes were sexually compatible these traits may have blended. I know this sounds a very simplistic view but to me sounds more plausible than the possibility of two completely different species being able to interbreed successfully. Especially an organism with so many chromosomes and so many genes. I am interested in other peoples thoughts on this. Cheers George :rolleyes:
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