Oxytocin as Cancer Treatment.

It makes sense to me from a evolutionary point of view that serious consideration should be given to the way Oxytocin may have an effect on protecting the body from cancer, or may be used as a treatment. As Oxytocin is produced and delivered to the body more in sexually active people wouldn't it make sense to suggest that it may be playing a part in maintaining the potential for genetic longevity in that individual. And if a person is not sexually active there is apparent, no biological reason to maintain the the body from a evolutionary perspective as no further reproduction is forthcoming. I am interested in the opinion of others on this topic.

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  1. barbara_barbi

    The hypothalamic nonapeptide oxytocin is known not an essential part in best essays numerous regenerative and behavioral capacities. As of late, another organic impact of OT has been distinguished in neoplastic pathology. In this connection, OT goes about as a development controller, through the initiation of particular G-coupled trans-film receptors.

    May 26, 2016
  2. georgetsmurf

    Yes, I guess so but wouldn’t it’s use in palliative care be more for comefort rather than to cure anything?

    October 13, 2011